Choosing a 3-D Sign for Your Business

Choosing a 3-D Sign for Your Business

What are 3-D Signs?

There are many different types of 3-D signs. Actually, the options are limitless. 3-D signage comes in a wide range of sizes, styles, and designs. You can use 3-D signs on your storefront, outside or inside your building or at the entrance to your business. The three main types of 3-D signs are pin-mounted letters, channel letters and dimensional letter signs. You could also use an image from your logo and make it three-dimensional.

Typically, a 3-D sign is any type of signage that has a 3-dimensional design. Usually, 3D signs contain 3D lettering yet they may also include 3-D logos or dimensional designs. 3-D display signs allow businesses to reach their targeted customers in a unique way. Overall, 3-D signs help businesses gain an edge over their competitors. While 3-D signs are usually considered only for exterior signage, you can also create one for your interior to add a similar ambiance for your customers as what they observed outside your business. The good news is almost any sign can be a 3-D sign or contain 3-D elements.

What are Pin-Mounted Letters?:

Pin-mounted letter signs are made up of letters that are either cut out, cast, molded or fabricated in materials such as metal, aluminum, brass or plastic mounted to a vertical surface. Pin-mounted acrylic and metal letters are an effective way to provide a clean, non-lit sign outdoors or that final touch inside your business. These letters can be designed in many different colors and materials to match your current logos. They also come in many sizes and colors to make your business stand out from your competitors.

3-D Channel Letters

Channel letters are similar to pin-mounted letters except they usually can be lit up from inside, frequently with inexpensive LED lighting. They can also be mounted to the exterior or interior walls or they can also be free-standing. You can also opt to have the sides of your channel letters painted another color than the front of your letter to make them stand out more. Dimensional Letter Signs Dimensional letter signs have 3-D letters that are attached to one-dimensional sign panels or monuments. These types of signs are great for exterior, storefront and interior use.

Easily Incorporate Lighting into Your Sign

Your 3-D signs can be large, appealing, and efficient in attracting the attention of your customers and passerbyers at a distance. These 3-D signs can easily imbed any type of lighting regardless of whether that’s exterior or interior lighting or natural light.

One of the best features of a 3-D sign is that it is more visible at various angles since the 3-D lettering stands out more than a typical flat sign.

All 3-D signs stand out and are easy to see at all angles. The 3-D letters also cast a slight shadow, which provides a natural way to emphasize your lettering and logos. You might opt for larger 3-D letters that provide even more of a shadow.

Honestly, 3-D signage is one of the best choices if you want to invest in a backlit sign. With a 3-D sign, it’s easy to add lights behind each individual letter, ensuring your sign lights up perfectly during the evening and at night.

3-D Signs are Flexible

3D signage can occur on many types of signs. The term 3-D is a broad category that includes any sign style that has 3-dimensional lettering. One of the greatest features of 3-D signs is that they are so flexible. They come in so many different styles, designs, colors and sizes.

Typically, 3D signs are usually large in size and have fairly bold designs, some are backlit. You can have yours made in virtually any style, size, color or material you wish. Because of the versatility of these signs, it’s key to think about your type of business and the specific message you want to send to your customers.

For instance, a big, bold sign may not be the ideal choice for a small salon or restaurant. Yet, you can select 3-D lettering in a particular font that may offer a more homey feel.

Certain styles come in multiple layers. Some are 3-dimensional from every angle. Layering is an ideal way to make your sign “pop” and it also shows how you can get creative with layering.

Want Your Business to be Highly Visible?

There’s no doubt commercial signs are a part of every owner’s advertising strategy. Signs do a great job letting customers and foot traffic know where you are, who you are, and many times, who you are and who you’re not.

Fortunately, 3-D signs are easy to see from a good distance, especially if they are backlit and can be seen at night. Because of their design, they are highly visible from quite a distance, especially if they are backlit.

Even if you opt not to add any lighting to your sign, you can choose to create your sign in a shiny material like metal so street lamps will illuminate it. If you’ve decided to go with a 3-D sign, your letters can be simple or bold, depending on what goes best with your business. Whatever lettering you choose should represent your business so your clientele and passerbyers can read it easily from the parking lot, the street or blocks away.

Is 3-D Best For Your Business?

Deciding on the best signage for your business, try not to be overwhelmed at the numerous choices. When considering 3-D signs, they are ideal for almost every business. Yet they are best suited if your considering:

  • Backlit signs
  • Big, bold designs
  • Increasing your visibility

Due to the fact that 3-D signage comes in a variety of styles and designs, they are effective for a variety of businesses.

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